Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It seems that drama is every where I go.  If someone tells me that they don't go some where or wont join a group or wont talk to a certain person, or what ever else the excuse may be due to drama all I can think to as is "isn't drama everywhere though?"  I mean you really cannot hid from something that is in every part of the world.  We are human after all and drama is just one of those things that helps us make the world go round.  So lately it seems that the drama has been hitting the fan more then normal on a particular website for mothers that I am apart of.  It seems the some women want to start things up just because they do not have anything else to do which then results in good people being attacked.  My personal opinion is if you don't like it then stay out of it.  So many things could be prevented if people just thought before the spoke out but no.  It is common for many people to open their mouths and never think about inserting their foot into it when it is needed.  Also if you know that you are unwelcome somewhere then don't go there to create once again more drama.  In the end when you are all butt hurt about what happened there is no need to go somewhere and complain about it so that all can see and only receive one side of the story.  All just to get a poor you and aw so sorry from people who have no idea what is going on.  It isn't far to those who are innocent and then are punished because you blame them.  Well there you have it my post about drama....I hate drama

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Start Anew

So I have completely started over on this blog. Deleted all past post starting from April 2005 to the present.  It was nice reading my old blog since I haven't really touched it since 2006.  I was amazed on how much I have changed and what had changed in my life.  You don't realize how much you grow up until you reflect on past choices and mistakes.  So here I am, made the blog fresh and new.  Having a clean slate to start on.  I am interested to see what things I will post about in the up coming days.  This blog will be my personal blog the one what I will talk about everything that is on my mind and I mean everything!  Compared to my other blog on wordpress who is shared with everyone this one will be shared only with those who I don't mind peeking in my personal life.  This will be the blog where I will vent on everything and everyone, so no in-laws will be commenting on here lol it is best for my mother-in-law to never know about this blog!  So for those who are reading be ready for the ones filled with drama!