Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Start Anew

So I have completely started over on this blog. Deleted all past post starting from April 2005 to the present.  It was nice reading my old blog since I haven't really touched it since 2006.  I was amazed on how much I have changed and what had changed in my life.  You don't realize how much you grow up until you reflect on past choices and mistakes.  So here I am, made the blog fresh and new.  Having a clean slate to start on.  I am interested to see what things I will post about in the up coming days.  This blog will be my personal blog the one what I will talk about everything that is on my mind and I mean everything!  Compared to my other blog on wordpress who is shared with everyone this one will be shared only with those who I don't mind peeking in my personal life.  This will be the blog where I will vent on everything and everyone, so no in-laws will be commenting on here lol it is best for my mother-in-law to never know about this blog!  So for those who are reading be ready for the ones filled with drama!

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