Sunday, August 01, 2010

Busy week finally Over!!!

Well its been one crazy week but its finally over!  My birthday went great after some few minor bumps on Thursday.  I went mini golfing and to BJ's Pizza with my Hubby, son, parents, sister, and a few friends along with my husbands uncle who was out here for work came to see us.  We had a great time! Yesterday I had my well deserved hair appointment in the morning and then headed off to my friend Jen's for some fun time.  Then of course today was a big day! I had my tattoo appointment bright and early this morning to get my tattoo redone and fixed.  No longer do I have a blob on my lower back!! Then without wasting any time I had to get ready then head back out the door for my cousin Aaron's wedding to an amazing chick named Katie.  I'm so happy for them they are truly perfect for each other.  The wedding was amazing, different, comical, and fun!  Never been to one like this before so it totally wins the best wedding of the year award! Tomorrow is the last busy day for me then I'm gonna take a little R&R.  I'm going to meet up with my sister and cut her friends hair then we are off to a co-ed baby shower.  So much has been happening but Ive been enjoying every bit of it! Now if I can just get some sleep.

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Wow you have been busy! I haven't been to a wedding in forever!! lol

Where's the pic of your hair and tattoo? :P