Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ok so Men Suck!

This phrase has been rattling in my head for weeks upon weeks now... It has only been recently though that i have truly believed it!  Some times I really wonder what honestly goes through their heads when they speak and in their actions.  The past couple of days I have been having doubts and struggles with men...well with a certain man.  His daily routine is getting to me!  It is tough because thoughts of him not really caring or wanting to really be with me seep into my head.  He says that he loves me but with the lack of attention and affection it really makes you wonder.  I tend to think he loves other things more then me.  Then things like an ex from the past has to return into view...being such a great friend doesn't help the situation.  Then like a man he has to start spouting off about the past of regrets and feelings that never left blah blah blah...they always seem like empty words but like a girl that I am, I love hearing every bit of it since it makes me feel so special and once again loved!  This caused nothing but emotional confusion.  But on a good note every time man number one walks through the door after work my love and emotion is devoted to him even if he doesn't acknowledge me or whatever.

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