Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why you dont ask for opinions

So asking for opinions from friends, family members, and even strangers are apart of our daily life as humans.  Lately I've been asking for a lot of opinions about a specific topic.  My husband has finally agreed to buy me my wedding ring, it has only taken two years but yay I will finally have one.  So after searching around and doing some window shopping we have decided on the two we like the most.  The funny part though is his first pick is my second and my first pick is his second.  So to help my side out that way when I tell him the one I really want he wont argue with me I've been asking around to see which others like best. It was going perfect according to plan all until I asked my mother in-law...the one opinion that he would hold highest and the one I was counting on to side with me.  So after past opinions given that failed on my side from her I still decided to ask one more time for it once again.  Here is her answer...
"Ok, I have always been a fan of the the princess cut especially since i saw the one hilary got from her grandmother. looking at both rings, as a mom, i think the first one will be less likely to get caught on things like baby blankets, etc. The raised stones were always such a pain for me that when juli was a baby i did not even wear mine and just wore a plain gold band. both are beautiful,but i liked the floating titanium, but the possibility of the second one getting caught on things (scratching the baby, and even making the bed was a pain) is what i made my judgement on. Good luck. Enjoy, how exciting!"
Really this is the answer you are going to give me?  I didn't ask for logic I asked just a simple which one do you like best which it only required another simple reply of "I like this one better then the other" Not "this one wouldn't get caught on things cause its so plain and boring."  So I kindly replied to her in hope that I would get the simple answer I was searching for.  I said "ok well even though those thoughts were insightful i was looking more on which one you thought was prettier and you would pick if there were not all these possibilities of it catching on blankets and what not" It was nice enough and clarified the question of what I was looking for in return.
Well she replied this "i think both are very pretty tho. there was nothing about the looks that i didn't like on either one. the first one is more conventional (i like the simple streamline) and the second one is more sophisticated looking and dressy"
ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS????? What kind of answer is that? Could you be anymore vague?  So I gave up.  I have now decide that for now on I will only ask my sister-in-law for her opinion because asking my mother-in-law has become a retarded thing to do!

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Caprice.is.Mom said...

I don't think she did anything wrong ? lol Those are good things to consider IMO. I do understand you wanted a simple this one or that one though. Just go with which one you like and you would wear. Or.. you can post pics and I'll tell you which one I like LOL