Sunday, September 05, 2010

I've about had it...

I am so sick and tired of being "scolded" for not putting something away or something like that when I do it all the time but those go unnoticed!!! Why should I be called lazy and told that its starting to piss her off because I supposedly never pick up around here when what was it that I did last night and the night before that and the day before that...Oh I'm sorry that your grandson has made your house look like a daycare.  There are 4 bedrooms in this house, that's right 4 and I share a room with my 7 mo old son and my husband so you and your husband can have separate offices. Then to top it off you give us the smaller room.  So don't complain to me how I need to find a place your his toys and such because there is no more room in the bed room and he doesnt exactly have his own room now does he.  If he did it would all be in there!  Just because I didn't clean up his toys in the living room that were only put there this morning be for you got home does not make me lazy nor does it mean that I never clean up around here.  Maybe if you helped me with my son sometimes and watched him I could get more cleaning done around here. 

Thursday, September 02, 2010

5 More Days!!!!

I have now been separated from my husband for nine long days and still have 5 more to go.  We haven't been apart from each other this long since when we first started dating.  Back then it would be months, I don't think I could ever go back to that again!  Before my husband Levi left for Ohio my feelings were the opposite.  I really truly believed this was going to be easy for me.  We were getting to a stage of our lives that we needed a little time apart from each other as you can tell from a past post.  I do not remember the last time I missed him this badly along with felt so in love with him.  He is truly my better half and I feel lost and lopsided without him here! Thank god for technology though!  Without cell phones and Skype I would be missing and worrying even more about him.  I am also happy at the fact that he is feeling the same way even though he is enjoying his time with his friends and family.  Levi was beginning to become extremely homesick.  The talk about moving back to Ohio came up at least once a week.  Something that I particularly do not want to do at least not yet.  I am having a hard time with the idea for many reasons.  The biggest one is on the issue of my son.  I do not want to up root him yet when he has insurance an roof over his head and food in his belly along with the fact that I love his Dr.!  She is truly a gift from God!  Dr. McClure if you ever read this you are amazing!!! You and Dr. Carter!!!  I don't know what I would do without them and I am so worried that I will never be able to replace them.  I know there are other good Dr.s out there but I will be comparing them to two Dr.s who I find irreplaceable!!  So any who, 5 more days and counting.  When that day comes I will be so over joyed it will be like giving birth to my son all over again!!