Sunday, September 05, 2010

I've about had it...

I am so sick and tired of being "scolded" for not putting something away or something like that when I do it all the time but those go unnoticed!!! Why should I be called lazy and told that its starting to piss her off because I supposedly never pick up around here when what was it that I did last night and the night before that and the day before that...Oh I'm sorry that your grandson has made your house look like a daycare.  There are 4 bedrooms in this house, that's right 4 and I share a room with my 7 mo old son and my husband so you and your husband can have separate offices. Then to top it off you give us the smaller room.  So don't complain to me how I need to find a place your his toys and such because there is no more room in the bed room and he doesnt exactly have his own room now does he.  If he did it would all be in there!  Just because I didn't clean up his toys in the living room that were only put there this morning be for you got home does not make me lazy nor does it mean that I never clean up around here.  Maybe if you helped me with my son sometimes and watched him I could get more cleaning done around here. 

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