Tuesday, March 29, 2011

124 Days and Counting to a New Life

So much has been changing in the past few weeks I can't even seem to keep up!  It has also been awhile since I have even posted anything.  So recently my husband has been in the process in enlisting into the US Army.  Its a rather big step for anyone and even a bigger one for a small family like ours.  Worries and what ifs popped into my head like you couldn't believe.  This is something that should not be treated lightly and should be done with the consideration of everyone who it will affect. After a little bit of prayer and a lot of finger crossing he made it in.  I am mostly relieved that he didn't go in to just be in the infantry or any other military job or MOS that would put his life closer to risk and danger.  Instead I am hoping that his MOS that he did obtain will keep him far from it.  So now we are just doing the count down to him leaving for his Basic Training.  He is most likely more excited then I am that he gets to be across the country for 10 weeks away from his son and me. Hopefully I shall be able to keep myself very busy to make the time go by fast.  Then soon after basic our lives will be ever changed! With constant relocating and him being deployed at anytime the army feels that he is needed.  It will take some time getting use to it but I know that I will survive this great journey ahead of us!