Friday, April 01, 2011

Friend Or Foe

There is a big difference between a friend and a foe but what if you are not sure if your "friend" is also a foe.  When do you draw the line and a friend becomes your enemy.  People say friends are forever but lets be honest, as soon as this person became your friend they were already on their way of becoming a foe.  Some people don't even mind having frienemies which has never made a bit of sense to me.  I have always cherished my friends and have tried to do nothing but be the trust worthy person they expect me to be, but it seems that other people have their own agenda when it comes to making their friends and most of the time only see what they can get out of it before they leave the person on the wayside wondering what they must have done wrong.  Sadly though this seems to happen to more women then men.  My husband always says you get women together and there will always be drama.  No matter how much that maybe true I have always strive to stay clear of it and believe me it isn't an easy task! So what do you do with the people you question? Do you address the situation to them or just ignore it and let they keep walking all over your emotions.  This happens more then we wish it to and happens to friendships that have gone unquestioned for years. So who is to blame? Do we blame ourselves for sabotaging a friendship or for not fixing things when we had the chance? Do we blame the friend who had intentions of never sticking this friendship out, who lied to us when asked if something was wrong, or for hating us for absolutely no reason?  These are questions that I have always asked myself.  I am also a person who cannot just leave things alone! Once something has happened I feel the need to find out why, to get some kind of closure.  If I don't sometimes these things will haunt me, linger in the back of my head for me to constantly think about when I'm all alone. 

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