Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Faces Comes Old Memories

You always know that when you go to a place where everyone else in the city goes you are bound to run into someone you once knew.  Well that just so happened to me today.  I have gone to this grocery store I don't know how many times since I've moved back to my home town and surprisingly not once have I ran into someone that I would prefer not to run into, but on this particular day I did.  With in minutes of me entering the store I spotted my ex-mother-in-law.  Now she has always been nice to me even after the divorce but since the rules of my ex-husband had changed due to my recent move back I know that she was not exactly permitted to befriend me or anything in that sort.  So there she was heading towards my direction and has not yet detected my presents.  I had a choice to make, do I turn away in hope she does not notice me at all or if she does know that I am there wonder why I didn't say anything to her.  Do I let her notice me in hope that she will acknowledge me and say hi or do I just take the chance to greet her with a hug hoping she accepts it? Well I took the chance and sure enough she accepted it whether she really wanted to or not.  I will never know what exactly she was thinking but I can say that it was a pleasant run in.  I enjoyed showing her a picture of my son as we did a little catching up.  Sad to say though that what I told her today will get back to my ex and everyone else who was once a friend which even though I would prefer him not to know how great my life is doing or what is happening in it I am okay with it cause I did get to see one person that I sadly missed.  I cannot believe I actually still struggle with missing the people who were once in my life and how quickly they seemed to drop me but yet I understand why it was done.  I mean how many women out there still go and hang out with their ex-in-laws whether it was a mother or sister.  But times are changing and I have witnessed some strange things happen in the world so who knows.

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