Sunday, May 01, 2011

One Week Till Mothers Day

I have always enjoyed spending Mothers Day with my mom and grandmas.  Even though I do not need a day to show them how much I love them it is a great day to still exclusively show them how much I appreciate them.  Now that I am a mother myself it has become even more significant of a day.  My son my still be too young to even know this day exists but when I look at him its a constant reminder of why I am important.  The joy that being loved and needed constantly is the best feeling that no money can buy. This year will be my second Mothers Day being a mother and even though the day is suppose to be what the mothers want to do I find myself trying to plan it for my little boy and what he would like to do.  Maybe something fun and exciting for a 15 month old or even just some play time outside in his little pool.  I know that he doesn't care and will go where ever we take him without complaint but it would bring me more joy if knowing that what we do is aimed towards him.  To see the look on his face and his happiness is the best gift any mother could wish for on their day!

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