Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Wonderful Laundry Detergent

     For a good 6 months now my mother and I have been using this recipe to make our own laundry detergent and we absolutely love it.  I am not sure where she found this recipe so I do not have a link for it, but I figured why not give the recipe and show lovely pictures of me making it, minus me in the pictures.

All these things can be found at a Walmart except the bucket. You will also need a cheese grater.

Step 1:
     Cut the Fels Naptha Soap into thirds.  Grate 1/3 of the soap with your cheese grater or like me I used my grater attachment on my food processor.  You will want the grated soap to be fine for easy melting.  Take the other two thirds of soap and put into a zip-lock for next time.  So one bar of soap gets you three batches of Laundry detergent.

Step 2:

     Put grated soap in a pot with 6 cups of water and heat on low until all the soap is melted.  Do not let the soap boil!  Once all the soap is melted add the washing soda and Borax.  Stir until fully dissolved. 

After it thickens it will be frothy on top

     Remove from heat and pour into bucket.  Keep stirring as it cools till mixture is thick, almost honey like.

Step 3:
Pouring in the hot water

     Pour 4 cups of hot tap water into your bucket.  Stir the soup with the water till blended smoothly.  You can add a few drops of essential oils like tea tree oil or vanilla or really anything you wish.  You can also add nothing and still get great clean clothes its your wish.

After all the water is added and the stirring
 is done now just needs to sit overnight!

     Now add one gallon plus 6 more cups of hot tap water.  I used a leftover empty milk gallon for easy measuring.  Stir for another few minutes then let sit overnight.

Step 4:
  The next morning the soap will look runny, or gel like, or separated with big clumps of slime on top and water on the bottom.  This is normal depending on the weather you are having and soap you used.  You can either keep it in the detergent in the bucket, scooping out 1/2 cup per load or give it a good stir and funnel it into your old well rinsed laundry detergent bottle or you can purchase a nice 2 gallon beverage dispenser like I did. I bought mine at Walmart for less then $3.

This does the job great!

Step 5:
     Since I use the beverage dispenser with a spigot I had to get all the clumpies out of the soap or else it gets clogged up after a few uses.  Using an immersion blender does the job to make it nice and smooth. Im sure you can also poor amounts into a food processor or a normal blender to smooth it out as well.

     If you have a Downy Ball, you can fill it up 1/2 way with Distilled White Vinegar and it can be used for fabric softener.  If you do not have one you can add 1/2 cup of the vinegar to the rinse cycle or just go buy one at Walmart as well for only $1.37.  You can also purchase some of these things through and receive free fast shipping every time! They have amazing prices as well.

   This is a great way to save you money and be a little green too! I believe the total first purchase will be roughly $20 which is about the same for a large liquid Tide.  This price is if you buy all the extras too including the Downy Ball and dispenser.  The best thing about this price this will only be a one time high.  Any other time will only be the purchase of the Borax, washing soda, bar of soap, and the vinegar if you use it.  Like I said my mom and I have been doing this for 6 months and only had to buy 1 more bar of soap since it only gets you 3 batches at a time but the Borax and washing soda if not used for anything but the detergent will last you 6 months plus.  I highly recommend to try this especially in todays tight money societ!

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