Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PC Challenged

     All my life of computers I have only owned Apple products thanks to my loving father.  I remember the first one he ever brought home too.  Black and white screen and slower then molasses.  So in the next few months I will be making my first purchase of a laptop but do to trying to keep a budget I am afraid that I will have to join the PC world and wait for my dream Mac when the time is right.  Now I have a problem, I have no idea how or even where to start when it comes to picking out the right PC laptop.  There are so many brands and I know nothing about any of them.  I was considering just buying a netbook to just hold me off till I can afford what I really wish but non have a DVD/CD drive.  
      I'm asking for you PC owners out there for your help! Give me some point of direction! The things I need for it to do is simple.  Play movies, get on the web, and the ability to sync my iPhone with iTunes.  I also will need it to hold all my photos of my son and family along with any home videos we make of my son to share with the rest of my family while we are away from them.  Please help me in my journey of buying a computer!

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