Monday, August 01, 2011

Famous Last Dinner

     Yesterday was my husband Levi's last day with us for the next 10 weeks as he began his military journey early this morning.  My mom and I made him a special last family dinner with beer can chicken, german potato salad and my personal favorite bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese.  These were actually really easy to make the only hard labor of it was cutting the jalapenos in half and cleaning out the seeds.  Everything turned out wonderful! The beer we chose for the chicken was Blue Moon Honey Wheat.  It gave an amazing flavor to the chicken and kept it so nice and moist. 
     So now, after dropping Levi off at 4 am this morning, the house has been quiet with a whole lot of dishes to clean in the kitchen.  I miss him already and it hasn't even been 24 hours since he left.  He's not even out of the state yet but only a few hours away at MEPS doing his last physical and then to a hotel till he flies out tomorrow for his Basic Training.  I honestly pray that these next 10 weeks will fly by with out any stress or complications!  I will only be able to see him for two days when he graduates but will only have a few more weeks after that for me to move where he will be.  I just hate the waiting part.


Nicole10381 said...

You always make amazingly yummy looking food! lol Hopefully time will fly by for you to get to see your hubby again.

Anonymous said...

That looks YUMMY!!! And i pray also that the weeks fly by... Thank you to Levi for this brave move and for you to share him with the military.