Tuesday, August 09, 2011

One Year of Blogging

     It has been just a little over a year for me since I began blogging on this site.  Amazing how fast time goes.  I have read previous posts from a year ago and am amazed how much has changed.  From having a 6 month old son to now a 18 month old, who is growing oh so fast that I cannot even keep up and am trying to film everything so that his father wont miss a beat. Then there is my husband who I will be married to for 3 years on the 15th and will be together for 6.  I am sad though that he will not be around due to him being at basic training for the Army.  Though I am so proud of him in his choice to join!
     Soon my life will take another turn and will be moving once again.  We are both excited for our new move, mostly because we will be reunited there.  I am looking forward to what the next year brings.  Then to look back on this blog in even more different perspective.  Having more mature eyes with age and with experience. From now on I will be an Army wife and a mother.

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Caprice.is.Mom said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you, Ang. :)