Sunday, August 21, 2011

When Infatuation turns into Love

     I am a soul believer that infatuation always comes first.  There is no such thing to me as "love at first sight" but there is surely infatuation at first sight.  Love doesn't come that easy and if it did well then I do not believe there would be as many failed relationships in this world!  Even when you find love you still have to work hard to keep it.  Maybe never even really realized how much you truly love someone till things like suffering, heartache, and sacrifice happen in that relationship.  I have always known that I love my husband, even when he is being a fool and I can't stand to be around him I still love him.  Until recently I thought I knew what love was completely, but it turns out you will never stop learning about love! It is something that grows like wisdom does.  My husband has now only been apart from me for 3 weeks and I still have 1 month 2 weeks and 6 days till I get to see him again.  I am already feeling the strain and stress of our separation while he is at Army Basic Training across the country.  My love for him has definitely been proving itself to me.  I hear about the sad stories of men and women already receiving Dear John Letters in basic training.  Come on people, seriously? It is only a 10 week separation that doesn't even compare to the year separation for deployment.  The soldier who received that letter may have been deeply truly in love with that person but it is obvious that they did not have real love in their hearts and only infatuation. Cause the truth is people, infatuation cannot survive long distance!  It does not last in hardships and infatuation does not know the word sacrifice! These are ways of knowing if you are truly in love with someone!  Being apart from my husband has strengthened us.  This is a sacrifice we are both making for the greater good of our family's well being!  There is nothing or no one who can change my mind, make me weak in my marriage, or tear us apart.  It is true when they say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" but only when true love has his hand in it!

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