Thursday, September 15, 2011

How time does fly

     It has been 3 years today since my husband and I said "I do!" and a total of 6 years together for our commitment to each other.  You never quite realize how fast everything happens when you are younger.  I remember when I was a child how a year would feel like a millennium and the age I am now I used to think was "old".  When in fact time never passes any slower or faster then it actually feels.  When I look at my son its like watching time move.  Everyday there is something new and different about him! He grows and learns with each minute that passes.  You begin to learn new things as well, more wisdom, heartache, and happiness. It is like Love is also on a parallel line with time only the line thickens as it grows with the time line. I have less then a month till I see my husband again and I count every second that ticks by.  Not taking anything for granted.

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