Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Letter to Change my World

    My last and final letter was mailed out today to my husband.  Less then 2 weeks I will be able to give him the biggest hug that has been building up for the past 9 weeks.  Life changing experiences are at foot. The wind is changing and its changing fast. Before I can say "Bob's your uncle" I will be getting ready for my first military move, which is an experience within itself!  I have always been the one planning and packing my past moves.  Having an actual company come into my home and take my own belongings, place them into boxes, then put them on a truck only having me supervise sounds like heaven to me! Course I might just bake some nice home made cookies the night before along with getting bottled water for them and order them some lunch as well. It is always good to treat those who serve you with respect and gratitude!  Just like your food you dont want it to get spit on, or in this case broken or lost.  I do plan though on driving myself and my son with a few belongings to our new home which luckily is only a 7 hour drive.  My future is so far yet so close and Im anticipating every moment of it!!

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