Friday, October 07, 2011

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary "Come Again?"

    It has come to my attention the amount of misunderstanding that goes on in this world.  Its frustrating and aggravating that one comment can be taken to a new height of  meaning.  A lot of times instead of stopping to think or ask one what they may have meant can cause a great disaster.  In today's society majority of communication comes in the form of written words on a social site, i.e. Facebook or Twitter, or they come through your phone as a text message.  We forget that through these forms of contact sarcasm, anger, happiness, and concern cannot always be heard.  If anything they are normally misinterpreted and feelings have been greatly hurt as a result.  Things like emoticons have been a great help in this problem giving one the chance to show how their statement is meant to sound if they were right in front of us.  They have also helped in reassuring others that what they read is in fact they way they took it.  Sadly the options of emoticons is not always available.  I love to use them on my phone but the program my phone uses for them can only be seen by the products that made my phone. So if I were to use one that stated that my comment was meant as a joke but a person using a PC instead of an Apple only gets rectangles and ** in its place they will be most likely confused and misinterpret my joke there for resulting in being offended.  I have been juggling in my mind how on earth can these mishaps be corrected cause there is nothing more horrible then having an upset friend for my bad placing of sarcasm. My answer for now is to just avoid at all cost and to post only in a monotone to keep the confusion at bay. My husband always says that it is better to keep our mouth shut then to say something you have to end up explaining to someone.  I'm beginning to think hes right.  Course I would prefer a friend to ask for an explanation because they don't understand then for them to be hurt behind close doors and not allowing the problem to ever be solved.

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