Thursday, October 06, 2011

Road Block

    Every now and then my brain feels like this Norman Rockwell painting.  I just cannot seem to think clearly or creatively.  My artistic side has been like this now for 6 years.  Even though I have had to urges to start sketching and painting again I just stair at the canvas or sketch pad with a blank stare.  I need to find some inspiration in my life or something close to it!  I think the last creative thing I painted was for my sister which she had framed and hung on her wall. You got to love your family members who will love your work with pride. Just like a mother with a her child who will put any art work they have done on the fridge.  When I was in high school my art teacher made it easy to have inspiration since it was all part of her job to give us new things to do.  Some times I wish I still had her around to give me a new project.  I just need to stop dreaming and start doing!  Anyone possibly have some ideas for inspirations for me I'm all ears.

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