Tuesday, January 03, 2012

C'est la vie

This past year has not been like any other year.  So many things have happened and changed.  Not just in my life personally but throughout the whole world.  It amazes me every time that ball drops in Time Square NY how much I begin to reflect on the past 364 days.  For some 2011 was a very difficult year while for others it may have been their best.  As for me it was right in the middle. My small family may have had our struggles and hardships but there were many joys between them all.  I would have to say though that besides my only son's first birthday, my husband becoming a US Soldier was one of the proudest moments in my life!  Just like a parent cannot exactly describe the feeling they get when they look at their small child I too feel unable to describe the way I feel when I look at my husband when he is in uniform.  I know since he is still fresh out of Basic Training that he has not accomplished what so many service men in our country have but that doesn't change the way I feel! 

There are now so many new things we get to look forward to in the upcoming months.  2012 will most assuredly be an interesting one as we both start our adjustments to the US Army.  We have made so many new friends and collected wonderful memories in only a span of a few months but these will last us a lifetime! I am proud of every single one of the soldiers who enter my home as if they are my own family. The Army though has taught me as well how to be patient along with diligence and strength.  My life will be forever changed and I welcome every bit of it. So "such as life" or C'est la vie as the French say is now my new motto when it comes to how things are now since it seems with a military life comes a new change of the wind at any moment.