Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friends

    Since becoming an Army wife almost a year ago I have learned more about true good friendship more then I've have learned in my younger years.  The worst part about meeting those wonderful people is how short they stay in my life.  I have only been living at my first installation for a little over six months and so far one has moved away and another will be heading out next month.  Its tough but such a learning experience.  With meeting new friends with every new place I will be I will also be meeting new enemies.  Its been hard trying to remember that having a wall up is okay when you arrive in a new place filled with bored stay at home wives. The drama can creep up onto your own door step when you put yourself out there to make those new good friends. It reminds me of high school all over again.  When you have those few good friends though to lean on you come to realize that you don't need to surround yourself with all the local frenemies.