Friday, October 19, 2012

The friend Hit or Miss

I recently read a blog post by ArmyWife101 called Facebook Friend or Foes? and it got me thinking. Since my first Army move with my husband I have been having the friend or foe problem on Facebook.  Some times I feel like I am back in a new high school all over again. Where I am there are over 5 different Facebook groups for the spouses. When I first joined some of these groups I thought it was a great way to meet fellow military spouses who lived near me and make new friends.  I very rarely send friend requests out though due to my insecurities so I've always welcomed the ones who were sent to me which I soon realized after a few months in those who sent them were not the right people for me. They were drama starting, crap talking, mean girl types. It saddened me cause after I got to know them I realized I never really knew who they were in the first place then constantly questioned whether they really wanted to be a friend of mine and even wondered if I was some times their topic of gossip. Hitting that delete button was hard for me even though I knew they were not the right people I wished to be around. I feared that if they realized I removed them I would instantly be the highlight of their back stabbing conversations. The more and more I began to rethink these Facebook friendships with this small group of women the more and more I began to question others I had on my friends list that had nothing to do with where I lived or military life. I shouldn't feel the need to keep these people on my friends list if they show no real interest in being on it and act the exact opposite of how I feel about things. So now I believe I have some early spring cleaning to do.