Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hawaii, is it really a Paradise?

My answer to that is a big fat no. Sure to someone who maybe is stuck in North Dakota in the middle of winter might be say "Heck ya its a paradise!" but to me I just cannot bring myself to thinking that and I'm not even living there. Within the next month my husband should be receiving his new orders to where we will be heading at the beginning of 2014 and Hawaii just so happens to be a big possibility because of his job.  I have known this could be a our future for quite awhile and have not stopped hoping we would be the lucky ones to get Alaska or Washington. I know that may sounds really silly but let me just give you my way of looking at it. For one thing even though the Army does pack up and ship our things for me it will take it a month to get there, including our car. Two, we will have also ship our enormous dog there who is not built for warm weather whatsoever. Poor guy is going to roast. This will also include him having to go though a quarantine process and all of it coming out of our pocket which will not be cheap. My next reason is IT'S AN ISLAND! Its not like I can just pack up my little family for the week and drive home to visit or go visit some fellow friends who where stationed in a neighboring state. If and when my husband is deployed I will not be able to fly home and have the comfort of my family because it would be expensive and then having to find someone to watch my dog, what a mess! Number four is that everything is way more expensive there from paying rent to buying milk. Last time I checked it was $8 a gal. How in the heck can I afford that when we go through a gallon a week? Last but not least I am a not a beach person. I don't like to lay out on the sand and sun bathe. I hate swimming in the ocean. I am a mountain person at heart. I love my snow peaked tops on the horizon line. I love my bears and deers and cute little tree squirrels. So here are my reasons and why I am dreading to find out where the Army will send us next. Its funny though how I would trade in a bikini for a parka but if you think about it a parka hides the fat rolls a whole lot better. So tell me why do you think I should be happy if we do get Hawaii?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Early Checkout

When you are either in the military or are married to it you know that moving around comes with the job.  It is this reason why I truly believe that you should treasure all the new found friends you make wherever you are stationed at.  Surprisingly two years, which is the minimum length you can be stationed at a base, can go by with a blink of an eye. So what happens when to those who are getting ready to move on to their new future and can hardly wait to leave behind what they have at the moment. Lets just say a whole lot of burnt bridges!  I can understand why they would be so excited to move away, especially when their new home will be closer to their family or even something similar to what they grew up with. But at the same time their eager actions tell those close friends that they are no longer important and that they were merely just a place holder till you get to your final destination.
Now what if your mind is all set and already living in the future but at last minute the orders are changed. Plans changing at a drop of a dime are more common in the military life then most people realize. Nothing is ever set in stone till it finally is in actual motion. This is the number one reason why you should not let get ahead of yourself and burn the bridges of those who you claim to hold so dearly in your heart. You never know when those you used to call friend but now call enemy will be at one of your future residences.
When the time comes for me to make a next journey I plan on trying to spend as much time as possible with those I love. I want my last days here to be like a sappy episode of Army Wives where there is a farewell toast and lots of tears! Thank God for Facebook and other social networking sites too because without them my hand sure would get very sore with all the handwritten letters I would be doing on a regular basis

Sunday, February 10, 2013

When Business Wives don't play nice.

I have been living in my small military community for over a year now and we have all sorts of work at home wives. The most popular business is Scentsy of course and then we have Mary Kay, Thirty-one, Pampered Chief, and Pure Romance. Most of these women try not to step on each others toes and understand business is business but every now and there there is always one or a few that get a little butt hurt. These are also the ones who will give up on their new found friendship over a customer who just wanted to switch or used another rep because they had what they were looking for in stock, or because one's customer went to another seller's party because they were friends with the host. Heaven forbid people shop at a sister store. I don't think that the Target down the street from me hates the fact that I also shop at the Target in a neighboring town. Sadly though I have been recently witnessing a friend of mine go though a tough time with her "rival store". This friend is a hairstylist who does her work from her home. To my knowledge there are 3 local wives in my community who do their salon work right in their house and to me think its a great idea because it makes it absolutely so convenient to us fellow spouses here. Well it seems that two of these ladies have now gained up on my friend and have been trying to ruin her clientele. In the past week they have stole 2 of her regular customers.  To me I believe that is just foul play and bad form. Personally I cannot give someone or some company when I know they are actually trying to ruin another. There are more then enough ladies to spare and share amongst them which my friend is so willing to do happily. When I have personally received private messages in late hours of the night trying to get my business when they know for a fact I go to someone else just seems shady then when they slander her to also get new business is just disturbing to me. It is hurtful and so disrespectful! Since becoming an Army wife I have strived to show nothing but equal respect to those spouses around me regardless of the rank or branch their service member is in. I believe it is my part to take as a military spouse and that all should keep it in mind as well that just because you get to relocate in a few years time does not mean you will never see these people again.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Peer Pressure

Now we all know the peer pressure will happen to us all the way through adulthood but the time it seems to affect us the most is when we are tweens and teenagers. You hear stories all the time through social news about children who were harassed by their peers and what sort of tragedy it may have caused. Most of the time I either will scroll through these stories or just pass them by without even taking a glance at them. I know I should have more interest in these sort of things especially since I am a mother of a 3 year old boy but I guess because of the fact that they are not happening right in front of me physically I don't feel like there is anything I can do about them anyways so why worry myself with it.  Recently I have been able to step back and think about how I view and feel about adolescent peer pressure. I live in a small military community where word travels so fast I barely have time to read about anything on our community spouse page before there is already 30 comments. The other day at the main park a mother witnessed a few teenage boys and one teenage girl hanging out on a park bench. She said that what she saw next was shocking to her. The boys where trying to get the girl to kiss one of them and film it with their cell phones and she said that the girl kept saying no but they wouldn't quit with bugging her about it. Now with in the first few comments on this thread the spouses were upset and how something had to be done about this. Some even asked why she didn't call the police for our community.  I was left reading this with mixed feelings. One half of me said "Who cares? This is just typical teenage behavior. Its not like they were being violent or destructive or even drug and alcohol" and the other side of me said "I'm a mother now why isn't this bugging me like it should. I do care for the girl's well being but why do I not feel like I should be in mommy protective mode?"  This is something that has been bothering me for a few days. It is like I lack the capability to give a crap sometimes.  Now I do know that if this was my child I probably would be acting a whole lot different and when I look at it that way my brain begins to make sense as of why my parents didn't allow me to hang out with guys by myself and that I always had to have a girlfriend of mine with me. I didn't always follow the rules of my parents and did the whole one girl hanging out with several guys but these guys as stupid as they would act never in any way to harm me whether physically or through extreme emotion. This could also be why I don't feel like she was in harms way. Kids do dumb things and since she didn't give into peer pressure and kept to her "no" it makes me feel like she was going to be fine and that she was smart enough to get out of there if things began to make a turn for the worse. The biggest step to fighting the pressure is saying "No" and sticking to it. Who knows though, once I have a daughter of my own maybe just maybe I will become just like these crazy protective spouses here to kids that are not my own.