Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Early Checkout

When you are either in the military or are married to it you know that moving around comes with the job.  It is this reason why I truly believe that you should treasure all the new found friends you make wherever you are stationed at.  Surprisingly two years, which is the minimum length you can be stationed at a base, can go by with a blink of an eye. So what happens when to those who are getting ready to move on to their new future and can hardly wait to leave behind what they have at the moment. Lets just say a whole lot of burnt bridges!  I can understand why they would be so excited to move away, especially when their new home will be closer to their family or even something similar to what they grew up with. But at the same time their eager actions tell those close friends that they are no longer important and that they were merely just a place holder till you get to your final destination.
Now what if your mind is all set and already living in the future but at last minute the orders are changed. Plans changing at a drop of a dime are more common in the military life then most people realize. Nothing is ever set in stone till it finally is in actual motion. This is the number one reason why you should not let get ahead of yourself and burn the bridges of those who you claim to hold so dearly in your heart. You never know when those you used to call friend but now call enemy will be at one of your future residences.
When the time comes for me to make a next journey I plan on trying to spend as much time as possible with those I love. I want my last days here to be like a sappy episode of Army Wives where there is a farewell toast and lots of tears! Thank God for Facebook and other social networking sites too because without them my hand sure would get very sore with all the handwritten letters I would be doing on a regular basis

Sunday, February 10, 2013

When Business Wives don't play nice.

I have been living in my small military community for over a year now and we have all sorts of work at home wives. The most popular business is Scentsy of course and then we have Mary Kay, Thirty-one, Pampered Chief, and Pure Romance. Most of these women try not to step on each others toes and understand business is business but every now and there there is always one or a few that get a little butt hurt. These are also the ones who will give up on their new found friendship over a customer who just wanted to switch or used another rep because they had what they were looking for in stock, or because one's customer went to another seller's party because they were friends with the host. Heaven forbid people shop at a sister store. I don't think that the Target down the street from me hates the fact that I also shop at the Target in a neighboring town. Sadly though I have been recently witnessing a friend of mine go though a tough time with her "rival store". This friend is a hairstylist who does her work from her home. To my knowledge there are 3 local wives in my community who do their salon work right in their house and to me think its a great idea because it makes it absolutely so convenient to us fellow spouses here. Well it seems that two of these ladies have now gained up on my friend and have been trying to ruin her clientele. In the past week they have stole 2 of her regular customers.  To me I believe that is just foul play and bad form. Personally I cannot give someone or some company when I know they are actually trying to ruin another. There are more then enough ladies to spare and share amongst them which my friend is so willing to do happily. When I have personally received private messages in late hours of the night trying to get my business when they know for a fact I go to someone else just seems shady then when they slander her to also get new business is just disturbing to me. It is hurtful and so disrespectful! Since becoming an Army wife I have strived to show nothing but equal respect to those spouses around me regardless of the rank or branch their service member is in. I believe it is my part to take as a military spouse and that all should keep it in mind as well that just because you get to relocate in a few years time does not mean you will never see these people again.