Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hawaii, is it really a Paradise?

My answer to that is a big fat no. Sure to someone who maybe is stuck in North Dakota in the middle of winter might be say "Heck ya its a paradise!" but to me I just cannot bring myself to thinking that and I'm not even living there. Within the next month my husband should be receiving his new orders to where we will be heading at the beginning of 2014 and Hawaii just so happens to be a big possibility because of his job.  I have known this could be a our future for quite awhile and have not stopped hoping we would be the lucky ones to get Alaska or Washington. I know that may sounds really silly but let me just give you my way of looking at it. For one thing even though the Army does pack up and ship our things for me it will take it a month to get there, including our car. Two, we will have also ship our enormous dog there who is not built for warm weather whatsoever. Poor guy is going to roast. This will also include him having to go though a quarantine process and all of it coming out of our pocket which will not be cheap. My next reason is IT'S AN ISLAND! Its not like I can just pack up my little family for the week and drive home to visit or go visit some fellow friends who where stationed in a neighboring state. If and when my husband is deployed I will not be able to fly home and have the comfort of my family because it would be expensive and then having to find someone to watch my dog, what a mess! Number four is that everything is way more expensive there from paying rent to buying milk. Last time I checked it was $8 a gal. How in the heck can I afford that when we go through a gallon a week? Last but not least I am a not a beach person. I don't like to lay out on the sand and sun bathe. I hate swimming in the ocean. I am a mountain person at heart. I love my snow peaked tops on the horizon line. I love my bears and deers and cute little tree squirrels. So here are my reasons and why I am dreading to find out where the Army will send us next. Its funny though how I would trade in a bikini for a parka but if you think about it a parka hides the fat rolls a whole lot better. So tell me why do you think I should be happy if we do get Hawaii?